• St. James Episcopal

    Church and School

  • St. James Episcopal

    Church and School

  • St. James Episcopal

    Church and School

  • St. James Episcopal

    Church and School

  • St. James Episcopal

    Church and School

Statement Of Mission

We are the people of God called to proclaim Christ,
Him crucified and raised from the dead, until the day of His coming.

At St. James Episcopal Church, we have been a witness for Christ in this community since 1844.
We invite all baptized persons, regardless of denomination to receive Holy Communion at this altar.
  • Denis and I moved to Alexandria to be closer to family in Leesville. We did not know a soul here except our realtor. Our first priority was to find a church nearby where we would feel welcome, be able to worship, and become a part of a church family. We came from a small town in Arkansas and had to commute forty-five minutes to the nearest church. As you can imagine, we did not participate in many activities. We visited a couple of churches in Alexandria and found St. James. It was amazing!

    When we walked into the nave and saw those magnificent windows and heard the choir and organ, we were very impressed. After the service, we were greeted warmly by many members of the congregation. When we left that day we felt we had found our church home. Being able to worship with a group of caring and friendly people has made our transition much easier. The Christian message to serve and give hope to all people radiates throughout the church. We look forward to many years at St. James.

    We would like to particularly thank Dave and Judy Curry for taking us on as a project. They are fantastic!
    Barbara and Denis Whitfill
  • Our first impression was that St. James was a beautiful, old church. Not like the churches we saw in England, very old and very formal. We soon realized that the people of St. James are very modern, friendly and outgoing. We have been welcomed at every church function that we have attended.

    We love the services and we especially loved the Christmas program. We try to get to the Wednesday Healing Services. We have talked about it being like the ancient worship services; a small group of people in a small room that is hidden, gathered to praise God.

    We thank you Father Fred and the congregation for being so welcoming and so supportive.
    Mary and Nancy Radonovich



St. James Episcopal Church
1620 Murray Street
Alexandria, LA 71301


St. James Episcopal
Day School
901 16th Street
Alexandria, LA 71301



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St. James Episcopal Church is located on Bolton Avenue between Albert Street and Murray Street. The Chapel entrance is located on Albert Street between Bolton Avenue and 16th Street. The St. James Day School is located at 901 16th Street between Albert Street and Murray Street. 


Off street parking is available on Albert Street between Bolton Avenue and 16th Street. On-street parking is available around the Church property.


Worship Schedule


8:00 AM - Holy Eucharist with hymns in Chapel
10:30 AM - Holy Eucharist with choir and organ in Church (Nursery provided)
5:00 AM - Holy Eucharist in Chapel


5:15 PM - Holy Eucharist with Laying on of Hands in Chapel
Wednesday Evening Faith and Fellowship

5:15PM - Holy Eucharist and Healing - Chapel
5:15PM - Choir Rehearsal - Choir Room
6:00PM - Fellowship Dinner - Parish Hall
6:30PM - JEYC/EYC - Youth Building
6:45PM - Adult Class: Traveling Through Time - Parlor