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Evangelism Messages 

The following message was recently in Forward Day by Day. It’s worth your rereading.

"God is not so grand that he does not work with individuals. There’s the story of Saul, to be renamed Paul, whom God made blind so that he might see.

But God is not so small, either, that individuals are the end of the story. Even the dramatic event in which Saul is blinded on his way to Damascus is not about Saul all by himself. Christ’s interest in Saul is that Saul has a purpose for others. Saul’s salvation is in Saul fulfilling his purpose for others.

Faith is not a self-centered love affair between any individual and God, as if there were no one else in the world. Faith begins with the love of God, or rather, with God’s love for the individual. It is never intended to end there. It must show forth in love for others. If it doesn’t, it is God’s love gone wrong by our failure to respond and serve.

Salvation begins with an experience of God, just as it did for Saul. But it is no salvation at all if it doesn’t lead to being an instrument of God’s love far beyond oneself."

As a member of the family of Christ, share your love of God for the growth and ministry of St. James Episcopal Church and School.

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Welcome Experience 

Mary and Nancy Radonovich

Our first impression was that St. James was a beautiful, old church.  Not like the churches we saw in England, very old and very formal.  We soon realized that the people of St. James are very modern, friendly and outgoing.  We have been welcomed at every church function that we have attended. 

We love the services and we especially loved the Christmas program.  We try to get to the Wednesday Healing Services.  We have talked about it being like the ancient worship services; a small group of people in a small room that is hidden, gathered to praise God.

We thank you Father Fred and the congregation for being so welcoming and so supportive.

   - Mary and Nancy Radonovich

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