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Then Moses said "I must turn aside and look at this great sight, and see WHY the bush is not burned up."  Exodus 3:3

Why? God delights in that question because it calls us to turn aside and turn toward God. The question is one of the key ways we are introduced to God, just as Moses was. What on earth would lead us to think that great discoveries  about  God would begin in any other way than the same question? -- Forward Day by Day.

The most important relationship for every one of us is our relationship with Jesus Christ. Choosing to believe that he is who he claimed to be and receiving him by faith as your Lord and Savior is the most vital act anyone will ever do. We want life. He is life. We need cleansing. He is the Living Water. -------- from Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge.

The Ten Commandments are no longer a ladder by which we climb to God's grace. Christ has fulfilled the law for us. If we live God's laws out of gratitude instead of out of obligation, it changes our whole attitude toward God's law. We can delight in the Ten Commandments because of Christ's resurrection.

One of the joys of being a Christian is that you believe deep down that death isn't the worst thing. Not living your life: that's the worst thing! --so let's see--how are you living yours today and every day??

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Welcome Experience 

Mary and Nancy Radonovich

Our first impression was that St. James was a beautiful, old church.  Not like the churches we saw in England, very old and very formal.  We soon realized that the people of St. James are very modern, friendly and outgoing.  We have been welcomed at every church function that we have attended. 

We love the services and we especially loved the Christmas program.  We try to get to the Wednesday Healing Services.  We have talked about it being like the ancient worship services; a small group of people in a small room that is hidden, gathered to praise God.

We thank you Father Fred and the congregation for being so welcoming and so supportive.

   - Mary and Nancy Radonovich

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