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Evangelism Messages 

It should be a comfort for us to realize that we never engage in evangelism by ourselves. God is the primary evangelist. We are the instruments, the channels of God’s grace. We plant, another waters, but it is God who gives the growth. Beyond that, we understand the Church to be the Body of Christ in the world today. We are part of an "evangelism team". We do our part, our faith community does their part, and then we trust the rest to God.

What is it that those of us of faith have that the rest don’t have? We Christians don’t have better lives, cooler cars and nicer houses. We Christians don’t have easier lives, more fulfilling jobs, and perfect children or parents. We Christians don’t have all the peace we long for. What we Christians have is a relationship with the God who is working to redeem our world one life at a time. God needs our help.

We Christians do not have to be pushy to give the world the Good News that God loves each person and wants a relationship with them.  We Christians just need to be available, ready to reach out to others.  We all live in a world of hurt.  Each one of us comes in contact with people every day who don’t know how they are going to make it through this one day, much less this week.  All we have to do is pray that God will give us the eyes to see the world the way God sees it and a heart that is both brimful and broken too, so that we won’t be able to not tell that hurt man, woman or child about the hope that is within us.

 "Religion is for people who are worried about going to hell.  Spirituality is for people who have already been there."  Author unknown

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Welcome Experience 

Mary and Nancy Radonovich

Our first impression was that St. James was a beautiful, old church.  Not like the churches we saw in England, very old and very formal.  We soon realized that the people of St. James are very modern, friendly and outgoing.  We have been welcomed at every church function that we have attended. 

We love the services and we especially loved the Christmas program.  We try to get to the Wednesday Healing Services.  We have talked about it being like the ancient worship services; a small group of people in a small room that is hidden, gathered to praise God.

We thank you Father Fred and the congregation for being so welcoming and so supportive.

   - Mary and Nancy Radonovich

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